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Whites-Metal-Detector-Sales.Com is a "Factory Authorized" Whites Metal Detector Dealer operated by Golden Road Enterprises. We provid services to the metal detecting enthusiast from the heartland of America, Warrensburg, Missouri.

WhitesMetalDetectorSales.Com is an authorized White`s Metal Detector Dealer for Oklahoma, Texas, Louisiana, Missouri, Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, Colorado and New Mexico.

My name is Jim Crain and I have over 30 years of involvement with all aspects of metal detecting and treasure hunting. I retired from United States Marine Corp, and started Golden Road to turn my passion for treasure hunting into my profession.

There are many places to choose from when buying a new Whites metal detector. Your decision is complicated by the vast number of web based "companies" that propitiate in internet. Many of these internet sellers know little to nothing about metal detecting and could care less. They just want to make a sale and don't care if they sell you a metal detector coil or a toaster!

Golden Road Enterprises is a family owned business and we know metal detectors because "we use" metal detectors. Golden Road promises to answer your questions, provide quality products, superior service and treat you as you should be treated because, we value your business.

Good Luck and Happy Hunting My Friends!
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